This Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona match had everything!

Wow!! Yesterday’s Copa del Rey soccer match between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona was awesome and intense! Barca ended up defeating Atletico 3-2 (4-2 aggregate) to advance to the Copa semi-finals, but it was a fun as well as frustrating match to watch. Fernando Torres had another amazing goal in the first minute to put Atletico ahead early and the drama continued from there. The match was very physical which led to some missed calls by the ref and some questionable calls and even a shoe thrown by a player that almost hit a linesman! Having to work a match like that, the ref should probably get paid double what he normally gets paid. lol

2015 Australian Open – beautiful outfits are everywhere!

Back in the day, I used to watch tennis all of the time, but I have slacked off the past several years.  I have been trying to watch some of the Australian Open going on right now and there have been some awesome matches so far by both the men and women.

One thing that I noticed during this tournament is that the women’s outfits are very cute.  In the past, some of the outfits I have seen the women wear during tennis tournaments were just plain ugly.  Of course, that is just my opinion, but I couldn’t have been the only one that thought that. lol  Here are a few pics of some of the outfits I saw today at the Open (well actually it’s tomorrow in Australia.)  I need to review the men’s outfits next!