A football?…what is that??

There is a lot of talk going on lately about a little, brown item called a football. I know, that is an understatement! lol

I have watched football for many years and no way do I know all of their rules, etc., but I am learning a lot about the health and care of footballs. haha I’m not sure if they will ever figure out what is or isn’t true regarding the footballs used during the Patriots vs. Colts game. All I know is that it should be a great game!! 🙂

Super Bowl party recipes

Anyone throwing a super bowl party? If you are (and even if you aren’t) let’s share some yummy, quick and easy recipes! Who wants to spend the whole game cooking or making your significant other cook for that matter. lol

Here is a go-to pasta recipe I use a lot:


1 bag/box (1lb) of pasta (I use tri-color rottini for the added color.)
1 bottle of Italian salad dressing (average size bottle)
Optional – ingredients – chopped black olives, chopped tomato, parsley, chopped bell pepper…anything that you like.

Cook the pasta based on the directions on the package. Strain the pasta. Put the pasta back in the pan or place in a new bowl. Add 1/4 – 1/2 a bottle of the salad dressing and mix it together. Taste and add more, but the flavoring will get more intense the longer it marinates. Then add the optional ingredients if you picked any (I have served this before with no additional ingredients and it is still good). And mix it again.  You can serve it right away or refrigerate it until later. Done!

Enjoy! 🙂